Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Tikes Coupe

Little Tikes Coupe are one of the most popular and widely purchased children’s car toys in the world, with 2008 selling just under 500,000 of these products alone! Since the 1980’s the company has sold over ten million individual Little Tikes Coupe and has cemented its position as one of the most popular toys ever sold.

Many will be familiar with the traditional and well established red and yellow design which can be found in yards and lawns across Europe, America and many other countries the globe over. I for one have been a regular visitor to their stores to fuel my children’s growing passion for the motorsport and racing industry!

Both my children (aged three and six) spend most of their time in the cockpit of their favourite Little Tikes Coupe, with my son preferring to blister around the garden as fast as he can push his automobile to go, while my daughter takes a more feminine approach and caters her friends and favourite toys from tea party to tea party. While many parents who have not experienced these toys before tend to be a bit apprehensive about letting their bundles of joy tear around the block in the four wheelers, the Little Tikes Coupe are very safe and sturdy, designed to take the safety of their drivers (children in most cases although there have been a few incidents over the years involving adults!) as a number one priority.

The toy car market contains a diverse selection of choices, ranging from the extremely over priced products which result in any slight bump or collision leaving you in hot flushes, more so than if it was your own real car! On the other side of the equation we see the minimal ‘platforms on wheels’ as I like to call them, which wobble around until they fall apart on their own accord around two weeks after arriving. However don’t fear, the Little Tikes Coupe combines the best of both quality and affordability in my personal opinion, as they tend to be priced between 40-100 dollars and last forever! The amount of high speed accidents, frontal collisions and acrobatic stunts I have witnessed my children perform in their Little Tikes Coupes leave me horrified, but at the same time quite baffled as to just how these toys are constructed to survive such a punishment and still look so darn good.

There is quite a large selection of toy automobiles to choose from, but I don’t think you can rally go wrong with this particular brand. They are very economical (extremely low petrol consumption and excellent purchase price!) and will last many years. In fact, I don’t think I have ever heard of one of these things falling apart before their driver outgrows them (and starts badgering their poor parents for a real set of keys!). You can buy them from a range brick and mortar shops, but if you can subdue your offspring into waiting a week or two for delivery I recommend an online course as the variety sees to be high when looking for a Little Tikes Coupe.

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