Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Tikes Coupe Review

Little Tikes Coupe Grande car is just one of several renditions of his classic toy from one of the toy industry’s leading brands. The original design was manufactured over thirty years ago and was the beginning of what would lead to many variations catering for a range of demographics and markets. This particular product is recommended for children from 18 months old to five years, although I think they can be used for kids much older than that!

The design of the Little Tikes Coupe features a high seated back and even has an area for storage at the back of the car. Newer versions will have a floor which can be removed to provide additional safety for your children’s feet. If for some reason you want to actively take part in the destruction and chaos that can be caused by the Little Tikes Coupe, you can push the four wheeler around via a handle on the rear (or perhaps this was put here to assist in the restraining of aggressive driving by youngsters?). The detail on these things is quite fantastic, with the model I have having a realistic ignition socket which can be turned on and off, and even a petrol tank cover! In terms of movement the car can travel in a 360 degree range thanks to the front wheel tires which spin in a full circle motion.

Other features on the Little Tikes Coupe include completely workable sliding doors and sounding horn (you know, to warn you that you are about to be plowed into by a grinning three year old with a rapidly developing racing addiction!). Luckily, it is powered by the kid themselves and is not motorized!

The Little Tikes Coupe Grande car have a sleek, modern design and have plenty of room on the inside (although adults will find it quite a tight squeeze – trust me I speak from a rather embarrassing Birthday experience!). It is built of a flexible plastic which is excellent at withstanding any sort of weather damage and erosion, and will last for quite a number of years. If you live in the UK the going rate is around 70 pounds sterling, but these things are built so well that buying a second hand one from a reputable retailer such Amazon. Just make sure not to tell your offspring that you have bought one of these as they wont stop nagging you till the arrival of the Little Tikes Coupe!

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